After 4000 hours on this axle we have not had any issues at all. It makes things easier on the tractor and much better for the operator.

Brian – Altona, MB.

A very nice axle with a simple design and quite easy to install. It makes for a much smoother ride and takes the shock out of the sharp bumps.

Mark – Coldwater, MI.

If the factory axle is rated a zero and the new 9030 series is rated a ten, I would rate this axle a seven. It provides a much smoother ride and less vibration making it easier on the tractor and much more comfortable for the operator. I wouldn’t want to be without it.

Herm – Rosenort, MB.

Your axle takes the jar out of the ride. Doesn’t rattle the teeth. It made me decide to keep the tractor a little bit longer.

Brian – Alliance, NE.

We have purchased a few axles and they are working very good. Quite an improvement from the rigid axle machines. Having sold all of these axles to our customers myself, I would highly recommend them.

Larry, Maple Farm Equipment – Yorkton, SK.